Bodyflow Sports Recovery Promotion

Bodyflow Treatment Promotion April 2014

So you’re back on the playing field after a summer of relaxation. The cold weather seeps into your muscles and it feels like there is a giant hanging onto your calves as you run around the field. And it’s a battlefield out there…

If you want to get back on your game fast, try Bodyflow Electrostimulation for fast relief of pain from exercise related tissue trauma.

Bodyflow actually assists the healing of your tissues by promoting circulation to flush out those nasty toxins and bring in fresh nutrients.

In addition, it stimulates the lymphatic system, which collects fluid that is hanging around in our tissues and can cause damage when excessive levels occur.

Bodyflow can be used in our clinic with a large clinic machine, but the great thing is that you can hire a portable machine and use it at home as many times as you like, to really speed up your recovery.

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