Sports Injury Management and Prevention

Coach Jay’s ‘Myrtl’ routine for the hip and pelvis for runners.

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Some great exercises from Coach Jay for runners to loosen and put the brain in touch with the body before a run.

Running Video Analysis

Do you have a running injury that is stopping you achieving your goals ?

Then a biomechanical assessment  of your running technique can help you receive the most  appropriate, effective and efficient treatment.

Many   athletes have certain weaknesses or inefficiencies that can impact on their running efficiency and increase risk of injury.

There are a number of underlying factors that can cause this including muscle weakness, current injury and pain, previous injury, generalised flexibility issues and biomechanics.

Your running technique can significantly impact your risk of injury and a video analysis can help your physiotherapist to identify issues and then address them with technique changes, corrective exercise, manual therapy and referral for foot orthotics if required.

What does video analysis involve?

During the video analysis process you will run on outside  for a few minutes at different running speeds, and a short recording is taken from the front, side and back at each speed.

We will then analysis your run technique and once a fault is identified we will explore the underlying causes thorough our athlete screening tests and examination of your joint and muscle capacity.

A program will then be designed specifically to you and will include running re-education, corrected exercise, manual therapy and foot orthotics (if required).

The overall goal of this process is to reduce injury risk and among some people, improve running efficiency.

Book a running video analysis for a comprehensive break down of your running gait and tips to treat/prevent injury and improve your efficiency.

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Nextin – great new 24/7 appointment booking app!

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We are very proud to say that one of our patients has designed this app with his brother, to help people get booked in for an appointment and feeling better in no time!  Congratulations boys!

So simple and quick to use, you will love it.  It will be launched next week on the App Store and Google play, check out this clip to learn more….


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Bodyflow Sports Recovery Promotion

Bodyflow Treatment Promotion April 2014

So you’re back on the playing field after a summer of relaxation. The cold weather seeps into your muscles and it feels like there is a giant hanging onto your calves as you run around the field. And it’s a battlefield out there…

If you want to get back on your game fast, try Bodyflow Electrostimulation for fast relief of pain from exercise related tissue trauma.

Bodyflow actually assists the healing of your tissues by promoting circulation to flush out those nasty toxins and bring in fresh nutrients.

In addition, it stimulates the lymphatic system, which collects fluid that is hanging around in our tissues and can cause damage when excessive levels occur.

Bodyflow can be used in our clinic with a large clinic machine, but the great thing is that you can hire a portable machine and use it at home as many times as you like, to really speed up your recovery.

If you would like to find out more, call us on 8361 8182 or go to