22 Nov 2016 3:10 PM - GAP FREE Initial Appointment with Caron Milham

With the weather warming up, so many people are trying to shed a few kilos, so if you would like a little help, we may be able to help you.

Caron Milham, our resident Dietitian and Nutritionist has an exciting 'CHRISTMAS WEIGHT LOSS OFFER' for all Prevent clients and families of clients ....

For the months of November and December, initial Dietitian appointments are GAP FREE, meaning that we will accept your health fund rebate only as your full payment for your 45 minute consultation! and if you don't have private Extras cover for Dietitians, your consultation will be HALF PRICE, meaning you will pay only $65 instead of $124.

As well, Caron is offering two free books, "Getting Started with Weight loss" and "Silly Season Slimming tips", that will be given to you at your initial appointment.

To find out more about Caron and her services and how she may be able to assist you, please visit her website or her Facebook page

If you have other dietary issues as well as, or instead of, requiring weight loss, Caron can assist you with these as well!