Workplace Health

Workplace Health

Staying healthy at work is not as simple as it used to be. Often people are too busy to think about their own well-being and don’t make time to look after themselves with dire long-term consequences. Research informs us that most workplace injury is a result of cumulative loading over time, poor diet, being unfit and stress, and can be prevented.

Our  Injury Prevention Seminars are tailored specifically for your workplace to help your team maintain good health & well-being.

We also offer onsite physio services, job analysis, movement re-education and workflow reviews.

Injury Prevention Seminars:

The business case for running injury prevention and health education sessions in the workplace has been widely published.  See our ‘Information Sheet’ page for a Business Case summary by Comcare Australia.

Injury prevention and health education seminars can lead to multiple benefits including staff feeling more valued and reduced costs associated with ill or injured workers.  In essence, healthy workers = healthy organisations = healthy business performance.

Our seminars run from one hour to a half day depending on your needs.

Topics include:

  • Back care and manual tasks – how to have a healthy spine
  • Workstation ergonomics
  • Injury Prevention Seminars
  • We are able to tailor seminars to the needs of your company.

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