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Matt Walls

Principal Physiotherapist

8361 8182

As Prevent’s Principal Physiotherapist, Matt brings a wealth of Physiotherapy and acute injury management expertise. 

Matt has more than 20 years’ experience in private practice, having owned and run multiple clinics throughout that time. For Matt’s full bio, please see below:

Matt has a special interest in the following areas:
  • Neck disorders and treatment of cervico-genic headaches
  • Clinical Pilates rehabilitation for various musculoskeletal problems (special interest in neck/back and sporting injury rehabilitation)
  • Key focus on lower limb biomechanics for lower limb pain and disorders. Specialises in providing digital foot and lower limb biomechanic assessments using GaitScan™
  • Previously a State-level athlete in multiple sports, Matt has a keen interest in the management of sporting injuries and injury prevention strategies
With many years of experience keeping elite athletes on the field, Matt is currently the Team Physio for South Adelaide Basketball Club's Premier League teams, and Head Physio for Flagstaff Hill Football Club.

Qualifications and experience:
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (1999), University of South Australia
  • Recognised on the Dean’s Merit List for the top 10% of graduates
  • Clinical Pilates DMA (Level 2) and the Pilates Institute of Queensland (Level 3)
  • Current Partner at Blackwood Physiotherapy, Principal and Director of Prevent since February 2015
  • Manual handling educator and presenter for various industries
  • Premier League Soccer, State League Netball and Basketball Physiotherapist for five years (NSW)
  • Physio for National Basketball (NBL) level athletes for 3 years
  • National Touch Football Title Physiotherapist (NSW) for 3 years

  • Very active with many sports
  • Spending time with family – four children keep us very busy!
  • Passion for water sports including surfing, swimming, waterskiing, wakeboarding and fishing
  • Previous high level participant in Aussie Rules Football, Tennis, State League Basketball, State League Mixed Netball
What makes you different/why should people see you?
Highly experienced in treating a range of conditions, especially sports injuries. I have personally experienced many of the common sporting injuries that occur, giving me insight into what my clients are going through. I understand your problem and the need to get back to being active as quickly as possible.

I have a very relaxed and friendly nature – I will give you a very thorough understanding of your problem and what you need to do to get it better.

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Daniela Pohl

Pilates Physiotherapist

8361 8182

As Prevent’s Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist, Daniela brings a wealth of Physiotherapy and Pilates expertise.

Daniela is a well-known Physiotherapist who has been practicing in the local area for over 25 years, and has a particular interest in women’s health issues. She runs Pilates classes for pregnant and post-natal women.

Daniela has raised a family of elite athletes and is well-versed in what it takes to look after your body to reach your potential.
Daniela enjoys being able to offer 1:1 Pilates sessions to cater for clients who are looking for a more intense program or outcome.

Daniela’s interests and areas of specialty:
  • Women’s pelvic issues, including pregnancy and post-natal issues
  • Clinical Pilates rehabilitation for various musculoskeletal problems (special interest in neck/back, postural rehabilitation, and correcting hip problems)
  • Key focus on postural correction to promote long-term wellness
  • Previously a State-level athlete, Daniela has a keen interest in the application of Pilates to complement exercise and rehabilitation programs and injury prevention strategies

Qualifications and experience:
  • APA Physiotherapist for over 25 years
  • Highly experienced specialist Pilates Physiotherapist – including reformer, ball and mat classes
  • Highly experienced in providing individualised Pilates programs, with special interest in correcting Pelvic and Hip issues

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Werner Muller


8361 8182

Dr Werner Muller is a sports massage therapist and osteopath, who trained at the prestigious Oxford Brookes University in the UK and worked in private practice in Oxford. We are fortunate that Werner decided to relocate to Adelaide with his family to enjoy the relaxed Australian lifestyle we have all come to enjoy.

A passionate sportsman and athlete, Werner played professional rugby in South Africa before pursuing studies to become an osteopath. Dr Muller brings his extensive knowledge and experience to guide and educate his patients on improving their health and fitness, regardless of age. With a keen appreciation of body biomechanics and how this may influence performance, Werner understands the challenges associated with injury and how this can impact both the body and the mind.

Believing in prevention rather than cure, Werner is acutely aware of the need for self-care and balance in injury recovery and prevention.This knowledge means he is able to educate others in a healthy lifestyle and the important role this plays in achieving an overall sense of wellbeing.

Osteopathy, Sports Massage

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Elle Nichelle

Owner/Director, Vocalab Speech PathologyVoice Clinic

8361 8182

As Prevent’s Speech Pathologist, Elle brings a wealth voice and singing knowledge and performance expertise.

In addition to being a Speech Pathologist, Elle holds a Diploma in Jazz Voice, has over a decade’s experience as a vocal coach, ensemble director and performer and owns and directs VocaLab Voice Therapy

Elle has a special interest in the following areas:

· Voice therapy and rehabilitation for singers

· Voice therapy and education for professional voice users (teachers, sports professionals, actors, lawyers)

· Transgender voice training and care

· Voice care strategies

· Educating singing teachers, classroom music and drama teachers on vocal anatomy and physiology

Elle also continues to work as a private vocal coach for adult clients focusing on performance-based singing working toward vocal freedom and confidence with all of her clients.

Qualifications and experience:

· Bachelor of Speech Pathology (2020), Flinders University

· Diploma of Jazz Voice (Performance) (2009), University of Adelaide

· Certified Practicing member of Speech Pathology Australia

· Member of Australian Voice Association

· Private vocal coach for 11 years

· Choral director for 6 years

What makes you different/why should people see you?

As well as a Speech Pathologist, I am also a performer and a vocal coach which means I am uniquely qualified to rehabilitate and extend the voice both in singing and speaking.

A voice concern for a singers and professional voice users is an urgent matter. It is your livelihood, your communication and your joy. I understand how in tune singers and professional voice users are with slightest changes in their voice and will diligently work with you, and other health care professionals as needed, to help rehabilitate your voice towards optimum vocal functioning.

In addition to vocal rehabilitation, my goal is to educate my clients on vocal care and function so future voice issues can be prevented or managed, independently.

Further courses and services:

Elle runs several online and in-person vocal education courses:

- The Vocal Educator Toolkit (for singing teachers and aspiring singing teachers)

- Music Director’s Vocal Coaching Toolkit (for people who direct or wish to direct singers in musicals, plays or ensembles)

- Choral Makeover service (for choirs wishing to fine tune their collective technique)

All courses can be booked for a desired time and place, with minimum participant requirements for each.

For more details regarding Vocalab courses head to or contact Elle:

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Joshua Chin

Chiropractor for North Adelaide Chiropractic

8361 8182

Joshua is the Principal Chiropractor for North Adelaide Chiropractic

Josh has special interests in neck and back pain, headaches and other musculoskeletal problems. He utilises his manual therapy skills as well as doing some dry needling where needed to achieve results.

Dr Joshua Chin grew up in Adelaide before moving to Perth. He completed a 5 year double-degree course at Murdoch University, where he graduated with Distinction in Science (BSc) and Chiropractic (BChiro).  Whilst at University, Joshua took part in the Murdoch University Outreach Program: a not-for-profit program that provides chiropractic services to the disadvantaged and less privileged members of the community.  Through the Outreach Program, Joshua saw many challenging cases from people of all backgrounds.  

Upon graduating, he completed a dry needling course and worked as a chiropractor across several multi-disciplinary clinics in Perth.  Throughout those ye4ars, he amassed a wealth of experience in managing musculoskeletal and neuromuscular disorders in people from all walks of life.  In 2018, Joshua moved back home to adelaide to establish his own practicxe - North Adelaide Chiropractic, as part of Prevent Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic.

Joshua's mission is to provide affordable, evidence-based treatment that is centred around the individual.