17 Oct 2016 11:46 AM - Why do they work together?

It's about this time of year that we all realise we've let our fitness and activity levels drop a little bit. Maybe there are some perceived barriers stopping you from exercising now: time, motivation, energy, travel or even pain? But the weather is getting warmer and there's no time like the present to make a change!

In fact, recent evidence suggests that exercise and exercise-based therapies are just as effective, if not better than having treatment for some pain conditions. Further, several studies, on ongoing low back pain indicate that a Pilates-specific program is the most effective treatment tool for reducing pain and disability in comparison to other exercise programs and therapy.

Pilates has a strong emphasis on control and strength around the pelvis and core, which we like to think of as our foundations in Physiotherapy. You can't build a building and expect it to last forever if you haven't invested time and effort into solid foundations. Not to mention exercise has also been clinically shown to increase your energy levels, improve cardiovascular health and circulation, up your mental well-being and boost your metabolism!

By Suzannah Michell


Get Moving!

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