World University Rowing Championships

8 Sep 2016 4:44 PM -

The World University Rowing Championships start today in Ponzan, Poland; it’s an opportunity for students rowing at an elite level to compete on an international stage without impacting their studies at University. Elite sport is more often a career choice than an add-on to a University degree. And for this we have a lot of admiration for their dedication and time management skills!

At Prevent, we work holistically: these rowers in Poland aren’t just students, nor are they just elite rowers, in fact they are much more than just those combined. It takes a global approach to provide care for a person and help them achieve their goals.

A study published in 2014 scrutinizing student-athlete behaviours at Harvard showed that hours of sleep was the highest predictor of injury, even more than number of hours of training per week! Students who slept <8hrs sleep were 1.7 times more likely to sustain an injury than those who got >8hrs. (

Treating the whole person will always take preference over just one part or another.

(Photo by Get-Shot Photography of Annabel Gibson, who will be representing Australia at the World University Championships with her doubles partner, Sophie Jerapetritis, in the lightweight double)

By Suzannah Michell