Dry Needling & Acupuncture

How it works?

Dry Needling

causes the stimulation of nerve fibres and the release of substances which block pain signals from being sent up the spinal cord to the brain, therefore having an analgesic effect. In addition to this the needle when inserted into a trigger point may cause a twitch response which will assist in reducing the tension in the muscle. Furthermore, studies have shown that dry needling/ acupuncture stimulates a part of the brain (thalamus) that processes pain and turns down the volume of pain.


is the stimulation of specific points related to any particular organs in our body. When illness arises, Qi or energy channels through the body may be unbalanced or blocked. Acupuncture aims to regulate channels and blood circulation, harmonize the circulation of Qi, strengthen the body’s resistance to pathogenic factors and promote a better environment for the nerve fibres to function properly. Ultimately, the homeostasis and recovery of body functions can be achieved.

What do we use & how does it feel?

Single-use, sterile, stainless steel needles are tapped lightly into the skin. Some people may feel a slight prick, but most report minimal sensation or pressure when the needle is inserted or removed.

What conditions may benefit from dry needling or acupuncture?

• Musculoskeletal Issues
• Muscle strains and general pains and aches
• Joint pain & injuries
• Osteoarthritis
• Cervical spine related headaches and migraine
• Nervous System Issues
• Facial palsy
• Nerve irritation or nerve root impingement
• Post neuroplasty/ nerve repair e.g. nerve graft
• Stress/ anxiety
• Menopause/ hot flushes
• Fluid retention
• Facial Treatments – increasing facial muscle tone
• Sinusitis
• Crohn’s Disease